BlueSocket vWLAN

BlueSocket vWLAN


The unique next-generation BlueSocket vWLAN architecture brings all the benefits of virtualization to the enterprise wireless network. BlueSocket vWLAN unifies wireless and existing wired networks to produce a truly integrated and optimized networking solution. vWLAN enables customers to dramatically reduce the cost of deploying and operating large-scale Wi-Fi networks while providing wired-equivalent performance to wireless users, with seamless roaming and enterprise-class security and policy management.

Westcom has experience deploying vWLAN in sites of over 1,000 access points supporting in excess of 12,000 connected users.

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Features and Benefits

Running on VMware or dedicated hardware, the solution is architected to support an unlimited number of Bluesocket's access points on the current hardware platform. The platform scales based on software licensing, eliminating concerns about selecting the right hardware. High Availability options are also available to provide for zero packet loss failover between two hardware or VMware appliances.

vWLAN architecture is a combination of Bluesocket's core strengths in WLAN infrastructure and its vision of next-generation WLAN systems. The 802.11n market demands more than can be offered from traditional WLAN systems and Bluesocket has responded with this highly innovative solution.

vWLAN's distributed mobility solution handles subnet roaming at the edge, while its sophisticated control software works at the core to determine the optimal tunneling endpoint and guarantees seamless mobility. The algorithm incorporates intelligent tunnel load balancing, a subnet discovery protocol, and even a mechanism to detect and accommodate for misconfigurations in the wired infrastructure to guarantee that wireless users can always access the network.

vWLAN provides a flexible solution that can operate in multiple deployments from a branch office to a large campus environment while offering low cost of ownership and optimal performance. Remote office deployments are demanding more from the WLAN networks and vWLAN responded by integrating flexibility into the security and data forwarding modules.

Please download the BlueSocket vWLAN datasheet

Additional technical information is available in the vWLAN white paper

  • State-of-the-art controller software provides intelligent mobility coordination in a distributed system delivering seamless roaming with fast hand-off for time-sensitive applications such as voice and video.
  • Tightly integrated security modules offer robust and scalable NAC, Guest Access, AAA and WIDS capability.
  • Seamless High Availability that eliminates disruption to end users if a failover occurs.
  • Identity-based QoS and Fairness Algorithms that are applied at the access point.
  • Green IT Design that delivers a reduced carbon footprint with up to 80% less hardware and significant ongoing savings on energy consumption.
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